Carter Agassi


Typically, a painter’s “Palette” is a thin, flat surface on which an artist arranges and mixes paints, designed to be held in the artist’s hand. Carter’s “Pallet Portraits” are created from repurposing wooden shipping pallets; a spark of green inspiration serves a greater purpose as a custom-made plank panel transforms into an original canvas for each painting. Her raw perspective of subjects is translated in the use of distressed materials, capturing the wisdom within the imperfections of nature. 


After she disassembles a shipping pallet, she constructs her canvas from various planks of different widths and species of trees. The artist chooses the proper subject portrait that she feels has an affinity to the visual feel and character of the variegated and textured boards. The wooden pallets have a whole other life of travel before being repurposed as art in an innovative and resourceful style, adding to the depth of her subjects’ storied lives. Each has a history, as does the sitter, an untold story of their places and the products they have carried.


At 18 years old, Carter’s recycled pallet portraits were sold out at Art Basel in Miami Beach. The artist has created works for individual clients throughout the world. Commission works are available.

2010 - present
2010 - present