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My “Pallet Portraits” are created by repurposing old, wooden shipping pallets. I select the proper subject that I feel has an affinity to the character of the variegated and textured planks. The wooden pallets have a whole other life of travel before being repurposed as art, symbolizing the depth of my subjects’ storied lives. Each has a history, an untold story of the places traveled and the products they have carried. I believe sustainable art is substantial to demonstrate how manufactured objects can be repurposed into something new. Through my unique art forms, I hope to give others the opportunity to discover unexpected beauty in otherwise overlooked materials. Instead of harvesting wood from products of deforestation, I turn to urban areas to gather useful resources that are being thrown away.

Perceiving waste as value is a nod to nature’s absence of waste. Nature has a circular pattern that contributes to every facet of the livelihood in the ecosystem, which is what our world desperately needs to learn from. I strive to create awareness amongst corporations and consumers by recycling elements of nature and industry to create harmony where both exist in beauty without sacrifice. Utilizing a valuable resource, once on the path of being landfill, and transforming it into a storytelling piece epitomizes the life forces we are exhausting. My pallet portraits are links between our environment's past, present, and future. 

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